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Green Efficiency Services

At ElstonAire, we are a leader in green technology. Our partnership with industry suppliers allows us to custom design systems for large facilities and homes that operate at maximum energy efficiency. Our commitment to clean air extends from the air in buildings and homes and to the air these buildings emit into the atmosphere.

A Benefit to You and the Environment:

  • Attic Installation
  • Save money on your energy bills
  • Better humidity and temperature control
  • Our electric heat pumps and AC units are about 40 to 50 percent more efficient than units installed 15 years ago
  • Peace and quiet
  • Our AC equipment is typically quieter than older units
  • A new high efficiency AC unit improves the resale value of your home
  • Benefits to the environment
  • Saving energy helps to preserve our natural resources and reduces pollution
  • Increase your comfort

How to Prepare Your Home and Air Conditioner for Maximum Efficiency

Annual savings for cooling your home (based on the efficiency of a matched system)

Like miles per gallon in a car, the higher the system SEER rating, the more comfort you will get from each energy dollar.

“Air conditioning accounts for nearly 50% of the energy use in the United States during peak summer months, and air conditioning is responsible for nearly 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.”
Rocky Mountain Institute”

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